Spraying Mass and Machine for Tundish Spraying  

As important as it is to have a tundish spray material of high integrity it is equally important to have available the means of applying it to the permanent tundish lining.

This material is applied by a specially designed spray machine in which water is mixed with dry materials and made into a free flowing homogenous slurry. This fully wetted slurry is then pumped to a spray nozzle where it is atomised with air and sprayed effectively without rebound loss.

The main features of the machine are:-

  • A large capacity hopper which is designed to accept 3+ tonnes of material.
  • Automatic control of mixing and water additions to provide a high consistency of wet sprayed material.
  • An automatic weighing system to provide the ability to programme precisely the amount of material required per tundish.
  • A remote weight display unit that allows the operator to observe from the tundish position the amount of material applied during the spray application.

The tundish spray machine is fully managed by an on board computer which controls the sequence of events from start to finish and allows for one man to control the entire operation from the nozzle position.


As the MONOLITE lining can be used in a HOT or COLD tundish environment, the drying and pre-heating schedule can be adjusted accordingly. In both drying and pre-heating, care should be taken to apply heat evenly and without flame impingement directly onto the sprayed surface.

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