Refractory Darts and Machine for BOF  

Adjustable dart angle for easy insertion through furnace door.




As vessel slag typically contains 1.8 – 2.0% P2O3, a significant increase in steel phosphorus content can occur through the reduction of P2O3 in the slag by deoxidation with alloy additions. This process of phosphorus reversion can seriously affect specification control for low phosphorus steels.

Ladle furnace slag chemistry

The ability to effectively control the quantity of vessel slag transferred to the steel ladle has played a significant role in providing consistent slag chemistry for the Ladle Arc Furnace resulting in both metallurgical and cost benefits.

Refractory Consumption

Effective slag control has been shown to result in better refractory performance of the vessel tap hole, ladle lining and refractory used in down stream secondary treatment stations.

Monocon Management System

Monocon can provide a fully managed service including:

  • design, installation and maintenance of equipment,
  • supply of refractory materials,
  • supply of trained labour,
  • performance monitoring.
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