Refractory Darts and Machine for BOF  


The expertise available from the in-house engineering and design department within the Monocon Group allows the design and build of systems to survive in the tough environment of the BOF operations. This expertise results in the provision of equipment that will demonstrate a high degree of reliability of operation and "hit rate" of reproducible dart placement to almost 100%.

The total concept can, in addition to the applicators, darts, and automatic loading system, provide pre-tap plugs, camera slag detection systems and taphole repair techniques working from the applicators.



To cope with the demands of ever decreasing availability of labour and the need for increased safety standards, Monocon have designed and built fully automated dart loading systems for its range of slag control applicators.

These systems for which patent application has been made, utilize a robotic ‘pick and place’ technique to load a dart onto the beam from a cassette which will normally carry sixteen pre loaded darts.

In service the Automatic Dart Loading System has proved to be extremely reliable with very low maintenance. It reduces considerably the labour required during operation for dart assembly and loading. The darts can be assembled and loaded into the cassettes away from the area of the applicators and the cassettes only need to be put onto the automatic loading system a maximum of twice per 24 hours.
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