Monolance Metallurgical Lances  
New Lance Design Concepts


To design a lance constructed with a joint [or joints ] within the lance body to enable non wear areas of the lance to be re-used.

Advantages of Design

  1. Any lance that has 1 metre or more of non steel contact area at the top of the lance body can be adapted to this design.
  2. Cost savings can be generated by multiple re-use of the top section and extension.
  3. Used lance wastage is reduced.
  4. A multiple selection of side/bottom exit designs are possible - including ‘end cap’ types.
  5. A purpose built horizontal lance stand can be used for assembly and disassembly of the lance sections.

Concept Aim

To have a full working length lance permanently available on station by addition 'screw on' sections as and when required.

Advantages of Design

  1. Cost savings can be generated by ensuring full consumption of all the installed lance sections.
  2. Used lance wastage is reduced to zero.
  3. Lance sections can be added on station by use of a purpose-built vertical lance clamp.
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