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Monocon International Refractories Ltd. are a market leader in the supply of refractories and associated process equipment. We offer our clients a unique solution of innovative products, high customer service levels, experience and worldwide support.

Monocon dart slag control

Below are some of the specific factors of why clients trust in our "Monocon Slag Control Solution";

  • Monocon have almost 30 years slag control experience - not just machine building and installation and not just in refractory dart design and manufacture, but in the understanding and experience of the combination of both and specifically how these elements couple with the full process understanding.
  • No other competitor in the world has this combined length of experience with both machines and refractory darts.
  • Our team has the experience of installing over 83 darts machines at many customers globally which covers an incredibly broad range of different convertors, operational practices and slag conditions.

Monocon type1 dart machine 2

  • Our senior commissioning engineers have been with Monocon for the 30 year period and are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the slag control machines all around the world.
  • We are very confident that Monocon machines fulfil all appropriate and realistic client guarantees with respect to dart insertion and we work with the client's operatives and management teams to the best of our ability to ensure that our darts perform to their optimum performance.
  • Monocon build equipment, specifically dart machines, in our UK workshop and ensure that they are fully operational for customer representatives to visit to conduct Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and final inspection to guarantee satisfaction and compliance to the stated specifications prior to dispatch.
  • Monocon always try to keep an open mind and flexibility of approach to meet our customers different needs - no two contracts are ever the same because every customer has different operations but with the same end objective - effective slag control management and/or elegant and efficient production management.

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