Slag Control Systems

Monocon provide Turnkey Key slag control systems including the dart machine, refractory darts and all the ancillary equipment, tools and training required for successful and sustainable slag operational management.

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In addition to the range of standardised dart machine designs (Types 1-9), we offer automated dart loading machines and BOF slag detection systems.

Some of the standardised supply features of our turnkey slag control solutions are listed below.

Dart Machine Electrical System

The Monocon Dart machine comes as a turnkey solution with all the electrical system configuration and safety features that you would expect from a world-class supplier who has supplied over 83 dart machine installations across 34 steel plants. Some of the electrical design features are shown below;

  • Electrical Control Panel: The electrical control panel includes the PLC which will be programmed on site to suit the steel plant operation. The normal dart launch operation is carried out by the operation of a single button. Abort Facility At any time during the dart launch routine the abort button can be pressed to return the machine to a safe position.
  • Safety Circuit (Electrical): The machine is built to the latest European Standards (ISO) and incorporates a Safety Circuit as standard.
  • Remote Emergency Stop Buttons: Emergency Stop buttons are available on the main control panel and pulpit panels.
  • Emergency Retrieval: If there is an electrical power cut during a dart launch routine the machine can be retrieved from the furnace by the manual operation of the pneumatic valves.

Pneumatic System

The majority of Monocon dart machines are pneumatically operated and come complete with a pneumatic control panel.

The pneumatic panel contains all the necessary equipment required for the reliable operation of the machine for thousands of operations. In addition it incorporates built in safety including emergency stops and two-button initiation/activation.

Knock off Beam & Spare Beam

The Monocon knock off beam helps to prevent serious damage to the machine and personnel injury when inadvertent contact is made with the vessel.

A spare Knock off beam is also provided in case of inadvertent damage to the supplied beam. Additionally full manufacturing drawings are provided to enable local manufacture of knock off beams if required.

Additional Safety Features

Monocon has supplied over 83 dart machines and therefore have accumulated a vast amount of installation and operational experience on dart machines and slag control systems. We have innovated solutions to help improve equipment life and mitigate risk by reducing operator incident and accident likeihood. Some of the additional safety features incorporated in the Monocon turnkey supply solution are listed below.

  • Safety Pins: The safety pins prevent any unwanted movement of the bogie when personnel are working on the machine.
  • Air Venting: A facility to manually vent the complete air system is built in to the design.
  • CE Marking: The machine will conform to latest European Directive standards and carries a CE Mark.

Vessel Angle Indicator System

The position of the BOF vessel is crucial to the successful launch of a slag dart. An independent Vessel angle indicator system is provided to assist the vessel operator in achieving the required vessel angle to enable safe dart launch to proceed

Accurate and repeatable vessel positioning equipment is normally supplied with the Monocon slag control package.

Monocon can also provide proven vessel angle indicator systems as a stand-alone project to retro-fit onto incumbent supplier plant equipment.

Dart Crimping Machine

The darts are supplied in 2 parts:

  • Dart Head
  • Dart Tail.

The dart head is manufactured with an integral hollow steel tube and the dart tail is encased in a smaller steel tube. The tail tube is inserted into the dart head tube and the 2 are crimped together to form a secure and robustly assembled dart unit. A dart crimping machine is provided as part of the package to enable easy dart assembly on site.

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