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Monocon International Refractories Ltd. has extensive manufacturing, assembly and test facilities located in its UK facility, in South Yorkshire. Customers are invited to view the facilities before, durMonocon International Refractories Ltd. are the leading authority in the supply of turnkey refractory solutions incorporating refractories, machines and associated equipment.

Our UK Monocon team offers a range of value-adding services on our machine supply, when supplied as part of a contract package, including an Annual Machine Maintenance Contract (AMMC).

This AMMC is agreed with the client at the time of machine order placement and essentially means that Monocon will provide a periodic Healthcare services, on the machine over an agreed period. This value-adding service is akin to you conducting a MOT "health check" on your personal car to ensure it remains operational and safe.

ing and at the time of machine assembly and factory acceptance testing before dispatch to site.

The company specialise in manufacturing a wide range of refractory products including metallurgical lances, slag control darts as well as standardised and customised machines, as briefly outlined below.

Machine Warranty

Monocon typically provide a standard 12 month warranty on their machines which commences from the delivery date.

This warranty is subject to the maintenance and servicing of the equipment being carried out and documented by the customer (or a Monocon service engineer), according to the detailed maintenance schedules provided.

The warranty does not cover misuse or abuse in any way, shape or form and also excludes any wear parts and accidental damage, however caused.

Machine Spare Parts

A list of recommended spare parts can be supplied with each machine upon request. Given each machine is typically configured and adapted to suit the customer application, spare parts guidance is also customised to the application accordingly.

When Monocon are engaged in an Annual Machine Maintenance Contract, Monocon will ensure a complement of spare parts for the machine is stored at our local sales office or placed on consignment stock at the customer site.

Spare parts typically include operational spare parts for Mechanical, Electrical and Pneumatic components including consumable parts such as elastomers and gaskets.

Wear Parts

As with all refractory application machines, the wear characteristics of parts will vary with use. Material hoses, for example, will wear from installation to installation, site to site. In order to ensure a safe, efficient and effective operation, it is imperative that due care and attention is given to hose and pipe wear.

During the initial stages of the operation, there may be instances where hoses / pipes fail during the operation of the machine due to the unknown characteristics of the pipe routing. The material passed through each hose should be monitored by either the weight or time to give historical information to enable hoses / pipes to be changed / rotated or turned to prevent failure and hence provide a preventive maintenance regime.

Once the pattern and frequency of wear parts is understood then preventable maintenance becomes second nature. As part of an agreed AMMC, Monocon will look to hold a range of suitable wear parts on stock for rapid customer response in times of need.

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