Ladle Management Systems

One of the most important aspects of high production steel making is the delivery of the liquid steel to the steel processing unit at the right temperature. Ladle Management Systems are vital to achieve this.

Ladle running costs, both directly and indirectly, contribute significantly to the cost of steelmaking.

Thehigh temperatures and arduous environment create wear on the internal surfaces of the ladle, which must be addressed before ladle failure.

The costs of ladle breakout due to an inability to judge the residual life of the ladle can be significant and will lead to lost production time and risks to health and safety of plant personnel.

Monocon provide effective systems for the maintenance and repair of steel making ladles, which allows ladle to be repaired in either the horizontal or vertical orientation.

The“Monocator-Mobile“ is a horizontally oriented ladle repair solution, which can be operated by radio control to allow hot ladle lining maintenance.

The“Monocator NexGen V" is a vertically orientated ladle repair solution, again offered with radio control operation.

These innovative Monocon ladle maintenance equipment solutions are therefore a vital addition in all modern, forward thinking steel processing plants.

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