Customised Design & Engineering Solutions

Machine Installation

For each machine Monocon typically provide two experienced engineers to supervise the site installation of all equipment.

Installation time varies depending on the equipment type, complexity of operation and accessibility however for a typical dart machine normal installation will take around two working weeks.

For safety reasons the machine is installed on a non-working vessel or reline period.

Commissioning and Training

The commissioning is typically broken down into 2 periods, again depending on the machine type. As an example;

Period 1 - Cold set up – the machine is set up to an empty vessel and adjusted to suit the particular BOF Vessel.

Period 2 – Hot Trials – the machine is tested and fine-tuned during this period and once operating correctly then hot commissioning and training will take place.

Once the machine is set up then there are no further adjustments required other than normal calibration to a new taphole. For further information on any of the Monocon value-adding services, please contact our UK engineering team.

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