Cement-free Pre-cast Shapes (AGC)

Activated Gel Casting (AGC)

  • AGC is a significant new precast technology for the Monocon Group
  • Its success is a combination of materials selection, bond activation and a unique manufacturing process
  • AGC recipes are completely cement free
  • AGC produces products with higher strength, thermal shock resistance, erosion/corrosion resistance when compared with equivalent conventional castables

The Benefits:

  • Higher performance vs equivalent conventionally cast pieces
  • Commercial savings vs conventional cast for same performance
  • Flexible manufacture offering the capacity to cast larger refractory items to small complex shapes

Fact – All AGC Materials are Completely Cement Free – Why is this an advantage?

Conventional Castables

  • Contain Cement
  • Cement = de-hydration @ high temperature
  • De-hydration = lime and additional porosity
  • Additional porosity = weaker refractory bond

AGC Castables

  • Cement Free
  • No Cement = no de-hydration @ high temperature
  • No de-hydration = no additional porosity
  • No additional porosity = strong refractory bond

AGC (CF) Castables

Comparison Graph – Cementitious Vs Cement Free Refractory – Apparent Porosity

agc comparison

AGC Product Applications List

  • Monobox (Tundish Flow Modifier)
  • Ladle Slide / Rotary Gate Exchangeable Collector Nozzles
  • Ladle Upper, Lower Nozzles
  • Purging Plugs
  • Ladle Plug and Well Blocks
  • Lance Sleeves
  • Tundish Nozzles
  • Foundry Products
  • Ladle Well Block Upper, Lower Nozzles / Plug Support Blocks
  • Saggars & Crucibles
  • Re-Heat Furnace Products - AGC Hearth Blocks

Monobox (Tundish Flow Modifier)

The monobox is a special prefabricated product deigned to reduce kinetic energy in the impact area caused by the steel stream from the ladle into the tundish, this , in turn optimises steel flow patterns. Advantages seen when using a monobox flow modifier can be seen below :-

• Increased safety and splash protection

monocon tundish flow
  • Increased steel residence time
  • Reduced dead zone
  • Prevention of steel ‘short circuits’
  • Improved temperature distribution
  • Reduction of surface turbulence
  • Optimisation of steel flow during grade change
  • Protection of tundish lining
  • Reduced refractory cost

Flow Modelling

CFD modelling available from Monocon / IFGL
This tool can be used to determine optimum design for customer need.

Ladle Flow Control

Ladle Upper, Lower Nozzles / Plug Support Block Chemical Composition and Physical Properties

Ladle and Plug Block Formulations Physical Properties

Ladle and Plug Block Formulations Chemical Composition

Saggers & Crucibles

AGC materials can be utilised to form thin wall items such as the saggar shown below. Such
products require resistance to thermal cycling and high strength to maintain service integrity.

monocon cf data sheet

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