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Monocon International Refractories Ltd. are a subsidiary of IFGL Refractories Ltd which is primarily dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and supply of innovative, high quality products to steelmakers all around the world.

Located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire in the North of England, Monocon has a modern office, research and development centre, refractory manufacturing facility and engineering workshop/complex from which it delivers exceptional service to its direct customers and international network of branches/subsidiaries, agents and distributors.

The company began over four decades ago in 1973 by supplying the Steel and Metals industry with refractory products which are essential to the repair of the working linings of high powered electric arc furnaces. That foothold in the market proved to be the first step in establishing a relationship with steelmakers that has led to the development and introduction of many successful value-adding products and innovative equipment. This business has a vast range of experience and specialist knowledge in the Steel sector, with specific market leading competency in the following areas;

Metallurgical Lances

Metallurgical lances are used in both Steel and Iron treatment applications for the deep injection of inert gases and reactive powders to both homogenise and adjust the chemical composition of the liquid metal in the ladle.

Lances typically comprise of a composite assembly incorporating a steel tube (the ‘core’) surrounded by castable refractory material.

Monocon lance production started more than 30 years ago in it's Doncaster plant in South Yorkshire, UK. Initially the plant supplied a simple gas stir lance design which was soon supplemented by lances covering all application requirements such as Steel powder injection, Oxygen re-heat and Iron Desulphurisation.

Additional lance production capacity was created by the opening of Mono Ceramics (MCI) in Michigan, USA in the 1990’s and today current Production Capacity exceeds 25,000 lances per annum.

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Slag Control Darts & Dart Machines

Monocon are market leaders in slag control technology and since 1988 have supplied provide both dart refractories and a range of over 83 dart machines to 34 steel plants around the world.

The designs of dart machines shown on this site are indicative, as each plant will have its own characteristics, restrictions and limitations. All Monocon machines are specifically designed to meet the customer’s requirements but configured from a modular, robustly engineered standardised arrangement to minimise costs and provide assurance of operation.

Typically, Monocon supplies a turnkey slag control solution for their clients including customised dart machines, automated dart machines and the Monocon slag darts. This one-stop-shop is favoured by many clients as the responsibly for successful implementation is with one supplier.

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Customised Machines & Equipment

Monocon are international specialists in the design and development of innovative, value-adding steel making equipment. Monocons UK engineering team travel the world, working with clients to understand their needs, requirements and space constraint in order to find the idealise solution.

We operate the latest 3D CAD software so typically model and animate our equipment sited in the clients facility so all stakeholders are able to visualise the Monocon solution before manufacturing commences. This high level of engineering customer service helps to differentiate Monocon from other suppliers.

This unique ability to innovative world class engineering solutions, manufacture and supply refractories and provide exceptional customer service to clients operating in practically every country in the world, differentiates Monocon as the market leader in the steel making sector.

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