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Product Innovation 'Monocator Mobile'

Ladle repair system for slag line ,barrel, bottom and well block

Nozzle Changer Mechanism

User friendly flow control device for use on Concast billet tundishes to control and shut off the flow of metal to each strand

Dart Machine & Refractory
Slag Control

Automated & Conventional Dart Machines
coupled with UK Dart Refactory Manufacturing

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Nozzle Changer Mechanism
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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including refractory solutions, custom machines, equipment, and Annual Machine Maintenance Contracts for optimal performance and safety.


Turnkey Supply Solutions

Monocon International Refractories is a top supplier of comprehensive refractory solutions, offering expert guidance and equipment. Our UK-based team provides a turnkey project package, including tailored advice, customised machine design, quality equipment manufacturing, rigorous testing, global shipping, and on-site installation.


Design & Engineering

Our design department uses advanced 2D and 3D CAD software to create innovative product solutions for steelmaking applications. We offer 3D modeling with realistic images, animations, and walk-throughs for visualising equipment operation and addressing QHSE concerns before production. Our services include concept design, engineering calculations, technical discussions, and operator training.


Manufacture, Assembly & Testing

Monocon International Refractories Ltd. operates manufacturing and testing facilities in South Yorkshire, UK. Customers can visit and witness assembly and testing before equipment dispatch. We specialise in producing various refractory products, including metallurgical lances, slag control darts, and customised machines, catering to specific requirements.


Installation & Commissioning

Monocon provides two experienced engineers for on-site machine installation, taking approximately two working weeks for a typical dart machine, installed on a non-working vessel for safety.


Contract Management

Monocon International Refractories Ltd. is a leading provider of turnkey refractory solutions, offering refractories, machines, and equipment. We offer value-added services like the Annual Machine Maintenance Contract (AMMC), providing periodic healthcare services for machines, similar to a car's MOT check, ensuring their safe and smooth operation.

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