September 14, 2018

Eliminate 60% of Slag Carry Over

Over the last 25 years Monocon has investigated and innovated solutions to the problem of vortex slag. As such, the UK development team has carried out significant water modelling work to determine the best solution to preventing slag carryover from the vortex.

From extensive research and field application, Monocon has developed a dart body with optimised density and mass, which when placed in position over the taphole during the tapping process, eliminates the formation of a vortex for the duration of the tap.

The Monocon series of darts has been developed to prevent slag carryover from the effects of the vortex. This is significant as around 60% of slag carryover is vortex slag!

Please contact our UK technical team to find out more about Monocons innovate solutions to eliminate BOF slag carryover or click here.

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