Automatic Dart Loading Machines

Automatic Dart Loading Machines

Monocon has designed and developed a range of innovative automatic dart loading machines (ADLM's) for clients operating in the steel and metals industry all around the world, and specifically in countries such as USA, UK and Taiwan.

Our experience in the slag control sector is second to non as we are able to not only supply the darts, but innovate value-add automated equipment that helps to improve operator/plant health and safety, reduce operational costs and/or increase production throughput. Please see the range of our traditional dart machines here.

Monocon has supplied more than 20 complementary Automatic Dart Loading Machines in 5 steel plants. An example of one of the Monocon Automated Dart Machines is shown to the right and 3D models shown below. For further information on this product, please do not hesitate to contact us or click here for related news.

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Design Features

ADLM Design Features

  • PLC control with pre-stored programs and movement cycles.
  • Consistent and accurate dart pickup.
  • Robust machine construction.
  • Maximum access under ADLM dart pickup head.
  • Includes a specially configured dart cassette for multiple darts (additional cassettes are optional).
  • Can be configured and used in conjunction with all dart loading machine designs.

Our automatic dart loading machine are typically used with certain types of Slag Dart machines in steel plants who wish to improve safety and minimise activities on the operations floor of the BOF shop. A special dart cassette is used to transport a number of pre-assembled darts to the operations floor. The special dart cassette is placed in position under the ADLM and following the insertion of a dart into the furnace the dart machine is automatically re- loaded with a new dart ready for the next heat.

Safety Benefit

ADLM Safety Benefits

  • Automatic dart loading ensures that the operator is positioned remotely from the application and moving machinery.
  • No manual lifting or intervention which can cause possible injury.
  • Emergency Shut-off.
  • Optional customised guarding to suit customer requirements/physical constraints.

Monocon provide a multitude of safety interlock facilities to enable safe use of the equipment. These interlocks are incorporated into the PLC operation. Safety systems are to be determined with customer but will typically include; Dart Machine Movement, Ladle Geometry, Emergency Stops and Failed Dart Loading.

Technical Specification

ADLM Technical Features

  • XYZ axis movement of ADLM dart pickup head via heavy duty electric drive motors.
  • Typically designed for multiple loaded darts per dart cassette.
  • The machine is a fabricated mild steel construction with access covers where necessary.
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with Monocon Darts. (Alternate dart designs considered where required).

The Electrical Control System will typically consist of the following:

  • PLC Panel - typical supply; 220/110V single phase.
  • Control Console - typical supply; 220/110V single phase.
  • Inverter Panel - typical supply; 415V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.
  • PLC based Electrical control panel: Multiple PLC options are available.

Onsite Services Required

  • Electrical: - 415V, 3 PH, 63A.
  • Pneumatic:-90 PSI (6 bar), 8m3/min Maximum, 50mm Bore Supply.
  • All services are to be provided in close proximity to the material feed system.

Supply Options

ADLM Supply Options

  • The Automatic Dart Loading Machine (ADLM) can be configured and/or customised to suit the clients requirements.
  • All surfaces can be painted in accordance with the customer specification.
  • Customised machine guarding to suit customer requirements/physical constraints.
  • PLC Panel options are available such as an Mitusbishi, Allen Bradley unit with Ethernet/IP protocol or Siemens PLC with Profinet.
  • UPS - mains power spike/failure protection.

Please contact our UK technical team for further information.

Cost Benefit

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