Chop Gate Systems

Chop Gate Systems

Monocon manufacture a range of standard and customised chop gate systems for emergency molten steel flow shut-off in a tundish system.

Typically two chop gates are supplied for each tundish car, as shown in the 3D model to the right and each Monocon chop gate system comprises of;

  • Two chop gates.
  • Two operator control panels.
  • One Hydraulic Control System.

In operation, the chop gate system helps to improve tundish operational safety, in a similar manner to an emergency stop buttom on a lathe in a conventional engineering works.

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Design Features

Chop Gate Design Features

The Monocon chop gate complete assembly is shown to the right and is offered with the following standard design features;

  • Emergency SEN "cut off" system.
  • Hydraulically Operated.
  • Detachable Cylinder Brackets.

Monocon Chop gate systems design features

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