Dart Machines

Monocon has developed and supplied many dart machines for clients operating in the steel and metals industry all around the world including UK, Mexico, USA, Russia, Australia, Sweden, India, Brazil, Ukraine, Taiwan, Turkey, Algeria, Chile, New Zeland and The Netherlands to name just a few. At the end of 2016, Monocon had supplied over 90 Dart Machines to almost 40 Steel making plants throughout the world.

Our experience in this slag control sector is second to non and includes the design, manufacture, refurbishment and installation/commissioning of all types of dart machines from pantograph and turret to telescope, side swipe and track mounted, as listed to the right. We have developed 10 generic dart machine models with Types 1-9 detailed below.

Unlike some other competitive systems, our slag control technology reduces slag carry over from the three main categories (Pre-tap slag, Vortex Slag and End of Tap Slag).

Our systems come with a range of standardised features as well as operational options such as Dart selector Trollies, Dart Storage Cassettes, Dart Barrows and Pre-Tap Plugs. Examples of these generic types of Dart Machine and examples of some Monocon installations is shown below. Please Click here to see our Automatic Dart loading machines.

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